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Welcome To ESEXNYC

ESEX has fifa 15 coins to bring another Phase of Lounge-life to Queens. When you walk in, the space is Very Cozy with a twist of a NYC & Vegas feel. Several VIP booths scooped out along the walls with adequate tables and space. The decor of the venue is also very attractive with a loft style vibe, with different Lighting, Huge Bar, Great Sound, & Ample Seating. ESEX sets new standards of ambiance and atmosphere in Richmond Hill, Queens.

Do you have what it takes to be a VIP at ESEX?

Exclusive member privileges include:

Acces to private entrance and exit
Admittance to the private lounge and bar service
Entry into special invitation-only events
Advanced ticket sales for ESEX shows
Contact us at 718-629-7385

Silver Package

Reserved space + 3 Bottles, 1 Free Hookah & Bottle Champagne. $300+ Gratuity. Deposit Required.

131-15 Jamaica Ave,
Queens NY
7 Days

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